Aspen Meadow

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Aspen Meadow

Art-Scapes are landscape patterns with basic design principles that take you step-by-step into creating your very own work of art.  They are designed for the quilter who wants to make an original landscape quilt but doesn't know quite where to start.   With Art-Scapes I have given you that starting point. It's as easy as  1, 2, 3, 4.

                        1. Background

                        2. Mid-ground

                        3. Foreground

                        4. Additions
Each element has several choices to pick from.  You can mix and match different elements, reverse the image, or make it larger or smaller, you decide.  Creating an original work of art has never been easier.  The possibilities are limitless.  Art-Scapes instructions are detail oriented and simplified for even the novice quilter. Modify the patterns to fit your needs.  There really are no rules.  Once complete you will have a one of a kind work of art you can be proud of.  The best part of all?  You made it yourself